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Coffee Prince Lead Actor Gong Yoo

The Coffee Prince is still so Hot

If you’ve been missing this Hot Korean Actor lately, fret not! For YourGuy will be posting here more of his photos from around the net. After his military service last year, expect Gong Yoo to rock the Asian countries in the days to come!

What kind of television series or films do you want to see Gong Yoo doing? Share us what you think. 🙂

Whether he’s gay or not, you’ll surely love him.

Enchong, please win with me if not in me!

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Oh! Just shirtless! But this Prince of Persia star is indeed hot and worth featuring here. This star who became controversial when he starred in the homosexually-themed movie Brokeback Mountain years ago with another actor Heath Ledger (deceased).

Jake Gyllenhaal Shirtless

Jake Gyllenhaal Shirtless

Now, here’s one of my fave… Rafael Rosell.

Rafael Rosell Shirtless

More of the hottest Rafael Rosell!

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Just at the height of the release of his new, but now co-produced Independent Film “Noy, The Movie”, I know we can never forget the hotness of the Prince of Philippine Independent Cinema, His Highness Coco Martin.

Who would forget that bulgy asset he has shown on “Serbis”? As in, frontal nudity! Drooling now…

Coco Martin Bulge

Coco Martin and his Princely Cock

Coco Martin Frontal Nudity

Coco Martin Frontal Nudity

Here’s more of his photos, enjoy!

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Carl Guevara Sizzling Hot

Carl Guevara Sizzling Hot

Should you happen to know Carl Guevarra, who has appeared in the TV series The Last Prince on GMA7 recently, you’ll surely love this guy.


Brazilian-Japanese model who’s making a buzz on Philippine showbiz has this rumored scandal picture circulating on the internet that most of us, gays and girls want to see.

Is this art or scandal? Post your answer on the comment.

That’s the photo. Now, you people decide whether that’s a scandal or not.

For me, I love Daniel so much that I can’t take my eyes off of him. If there’ll be more photos that would circulate around the net, I would love to see them, print them, frame them and hang them on the wall no matter what they say!