Alfred Vargas so hot and big!

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Hot Pinoy Actors, Huge
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Who among gays does not know Alfred Vargas?

He is that stunning hunk who graces the Philippine television in several shows. Unlike most of the cutie-hunky who fascinates the gays and girls merely with physical machismo, Vargas is known “as someone who has the brain to match his brawn, which is what makes him even hotter,” GMANews.TV says.

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  1. natasha says:

    wow i love you alfred your’e my dream jejejeje…..

  2. nathsden says:

    ”Nice shot!!!
    kelan ka ulit gagawa ng daring movie..?

  3. percy says:

    why don’t you just guys, show your dick directly? 😀

  4. zero says:

    hehe.. i already seen this pix b4…

  5. ang gwapo mo ang sarap mo nakakaloka ka

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