The Princely Coco Martin, Nude

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Hot Pinoy Actors, Huge
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Just at the height of the release of his new, but now co-produced Independent Film “Noy, The Movie”, I know we can never forget the hotness of the Prince of Philippine Independent Cinema, His Highness Coco Martin.

Who would forget that bulgy asset he has shown on “Serbis”? As in, frontal nudity! Drooling now…

Coco Martin Bulge

Coco Martin and his Princely Cock

Coco Martin Frontal Nudity

Coco Martin Frontal Nudity

Here’s more of his photos, enjoy!

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  1. biboy says:

    grabe super big

  2. nathsden says:

    sarap mu naman kainin…i love it..8s so hot..

  3. ara says:

    wow! ang sarap naman ng cock mo coco,.;”;

  4. dryden says:

    it looks interesting!can u post more frontal nude.send it to my email account pls tanx

  5. angelica says:

    ang sarap ng buto mo coco martins

  6. angela says:

    i like it too….

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